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Paul Hollywood has succeeded in building a reputation as one of the best know Artisan bakers in the UK - having worked during his career as Head Baker in some of the most exclusive hotels, Cliveden, the Chester Grosvenor, The Dorchester and also abroad for six years at the Annabelle and Anassa Resorts in Cyprus.
“All my receipes hold special memories for me, some are of my childhood and other were discovered during my travels abroad. The texture and flavours all vary greatly, reflecting their origins and I have added something of myself to these recipes to make them unique. I teach people how to understand the process of making good bread and encourage them to express their own creativity in the recipes.”
Paul will be teaching the students how to produce real artisan breads from Sour Dough to Rye. Everyday students will concentrate on on regional breads such as Ciabatta / Focaccia from Italy, Baguettes and Fougasse from France along with the art of making Croissants/ Brioche and danish pastries. From Cyprus Paul will be teaching students how to bake Real olive bread, Koulouri {Village Bread} and a variety of Traditional breads. From the UK Paul will show students the art of baking The english breads such as Oven bottoms, Chelsea buns, Hot cross buns and many more. At the end of the week students will be able to produce a range of Breads and Pastries from across Europe with confidence.
Fresh from being a member of the Chefs on TV’s the X-factor we are delighted to welcome Ross burden. Ross is passionate about food - not just the creation of dishes but the actual partaking of it too. He feels that there is nothing more important or enjoyable than for people to sit round a table to eat, which is way Ross loves entertaining. Ross has spent many years mastering the Art of Cooking Asian style. Ross will impart his knowledge to his students;  Teaching them the skills needed to cook Thai, Vietnamese and Lao dishes.
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The Exclusive Chef offers you two of the most popular and talented celebrity chefs from the UK food "frontline"...(although Ross is actually a Kiwi!). These two first class culinary masters will be your instructors for a week long course in bakery and cooking.
He is a recognised force in the baking industry, acting as a Sector Champion for the Government-backed staff training scheme ‘improve’ and he also acts annually as a judge for The baking Awards. His passion for the art of bread making has now led to Paul starting his own Bread Academy, so he can pass on his skills, expertise and knowledge ensuring the ‘continue life’ of these old recipes and traditional techniques.
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At the end of the week Ross will have you buying and cooking Asian food. Ross will also cover the History of food during your course and give a fascinating look into how we once ate. Knife skills are essential to cooking and preparing food, Ross will introduce you to this most basic of skills.
At the end of the 5 days you will be a fully confident and competent Cook, Paul and Ross will be there to help out with current problems or questions you have always wanted to ask, leaving you at the end of the week with enough skills and know how to Cook with the best of them.....!
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